Jonathan Feldschuh




Harvard College, A.B. Physics 1986, summa cum laude




I have worked for a variety of companies in the financial and medical fields, including several of the leading financial firms (Morgan Stanley, American Express / Lehman Brothers, Millennium Partners).  Since 1997 I have been working on Quantitative Trading Strategies.  In 2009 I helped found Aristarc Capital, a hedge fund specializing in Japanese Equity Market Neutral Strategies, where I served as the Chief of Quantitative Research, supervising a team comprised of quantitative analysts (PhD’s in statistics, Business, etc.) and software engineers to deliver the “signal” that drives a real-time trading strategy.

As a developer, I have extensive experience coding in a statistical/analytical environment (R, S-Plus).  Early in my career I coded extensively in other languages and developed database applications.  

 In the medical field, I have helped to develop medical instruments and measurement algorithms.  I am listed as an inventor on US and international patents, both current and pending.

My current project is Outseeker, founded this year to deploy new algorithms I have developed for local search.                     





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